There are times that as a parent of a child who engages in extracurricular activities, there is plenty of time to kill. Tonight was such a night.

My son does parkour training four nights a week. Although the commitment seems a lot (eight hours per week), the responsibilities of taking him to and picking him up from practice are divided among my ex-wife, my daughter, and me. When you factor in this distribution, it’s really no big deal. Tonight, however, I had drop off AND pick up duties. As a result, I had some time on my hands.

Danny's future aspirations.
Danny’s future aspirations.

Thankfully, there is a Starbucks coffee house just around the corner from his parkour gym. With the free Wi-Fi and tables that double as work spaces, I was able to use the two hours to finish my school assignment.

Tonight, I am grateful for the many conveniences God places in my life that allow me to be productive, efficient, and – quite frankly – not bored. The fact I can also get a Hazelnut soy latte while I’m at it is bonus!


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