Last year, my wife Lee and I were designated (also read as ‘volunteered’) to be the Mission Team coordinators for our church. Part of the reason is because I participated¬†in three mission trips since January of 2015 and Lee participated in four. Also, Lee and I plan to transition to full-time mission work in the next several years, so managing the logistics and financials for our church’s mission work is good on-the-job training.


I wish I could say the preparation and planning is a true team effort, but that would not be fair to Lee. She’s the brains AND mental brawn that makes everything come together.

Lee has been the person working with our point of contact at SCORE, International making sure contracts are signed, medical release forms are submitted, etc. She was also the person coordinating with the facility director in the Dominican Republic regarding the supplies we’ll need on site for the project work. Lee has established a process for coordinating with our church’s finance director to ensure everything gets paid. Lee even took the time and booked every flight for every individual taking part in the trips.

Lee's happy plays is managing chaos.
Lee’s happy plays is managing chaos.

As an added wrinkle, we’re sending supplies down to the D.R. in advance of our trip. Lee figured out the process for working with a freight forwarder, establishing our church as a designated shipper with that company, and making sure everything was in order for pickup by the shipping company. As a result, our table saws and work benches are now on their way to Santo Domingo.

Although we still have some final details to complete, it’s no exaggeration to say these trips would not be happening if not for the diligence and hard work of my wife. My role in all of this has been supporting at best, and although I know there are a ton of little things that happened today for which I am grateful, I have to reserve today’s post for the gratitude I have for my wife. She is my friend, my partner, my confidant, my guide, and so much more.

I have this line I like to use when describing my wife. I am nothing without her and everything because of her. I thank God for the blessing it is to be married to such a wonderful woman.


4 thoughts on “Project Gratitude – Behind the Scenes

  1. Lee is your trophy wife, Gil. I once heard a man describe his wife this way and I asked him why. He replied, “Because I won the prize!” Praying for you both!

    1. Ha. Thanks, Debora. I think I’ll take a twist on the phrase and refer to Lee as my Treasure Wife. God tells us to store our treasures in Heaven, and I think Lee is a sample of that reward for me here on Earth.

  2. No doubt, Lee is awesome and this is a wonderful tribute to her! It is a blessing knowing you both! Please blog the dates of your trip and any related prayer requests! Like Deb wrote, praying for you both!

    1. Thank you, Rick. My goal is to blog every day, even if I need to do it in arrears on occasion. I want my blog in 2017 to be a diary of thanksgiving, and I want to be able to capture at least one item per day.

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