I love having Monday’s off as a result of a holiday. Although I didn’t have to wake up early, I did (mostly because I forgot to take the trash out the night before, and I heard the garbage truck rolling by a LOT earlier than normal, and I ran outside in my pajamas while clutching the trash bins, with only seconds to spare). So today, I am grateful for the loud ruckus of the trash collecting truck.

Garbage Truck

I am grateful I was able to complete the minor home project of installing the cat door panel to our sliding glass doors. Now our cats can once again come in or go out to the lanai as they please.

I am grateful for the digital antenna we picked up for the extra TV we have as a result of Santa bringing my mother-in-law a new flat-screen for Christmas. I found the perfect spot on the lanai for the 32″ television, and between the antenna and Chromecast, I see myself spending lots more time out on the lanai.


I am really grateful for my wife’s new prayer closet. This has been a labor of love for her, transforming the tornado-of-a-wreck that was her closet into a special space that is clean, organized, but most importantly, spiritually uplifting. She spent a lot of quality time in her private room┬áthis morning, and I am so happy she finally has this space where she can be one on one with God.

Prayer Closet


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