ONCE Upon a Time

For those of you who may not know, eleven in Spanish is ‘once’.


Eleven years ago tonight, I had the serendipitous opportunity to meet my now wife Lee. I can honestly say the last several years have been wonderful, but it was not without our fair share of turbulence at the beginning.

As I wrote in a recap of our story, it is so evident to me that God used our individual broken to bring us together and create something beautiful. I am so blessed to share my faith and life journey with such a beautiful and amazing woman.

I remember when I realized I had fallen in love with Lee. Lee will tell you she remembers how I ran out the door like a scared child (which is true, BTW). But I remember not long after sitting down and writing a blog post about the emotion I was feeling both for and from this amazing woman: affection.

Below is an excerpt:

Affection.  Genuine, heart-felt affection.  To lose yourself in the knowledge that someone is doing or saying something for you strictly because they want to is intoxicating.  That someone is willing to go to the nth degree for you is breathtaking.  That someone cares enough to listen, to understand, to devote 100% attention to you and your life…… well, there are no words to properly describe that.

Affection is raw.  Affection is real.  Affection is someone using their soul as a paintbrush to liven up the canvass that is your life.  There are few gifts we can receive that are more meaningful and inspiring and awesome than the gift of affection.  

And to be the object of affection is purely addictive.  I can’t imagine a better feeling than the one I get when someone bestows on me their affection.  It is a gift from the heart.  It is a gift of the soul.  And it creates such a high that I never, ever want to come down.  It is a feeling that makes everything better.  A feeling that makes all the bad memories, all the tough circumstances, all the negative thoughts go away.

Being the object of someone’s affection creates a feeling that makes the spirit soar.  But it does not, however, surpass the feeling of displaying genuine affection to someone else.  This is one example where it is truly better to give than to receive.  Because to give someone your affection and love and devotion and tenderness and everything that comes with being in love with someone special is not only pleasing, it is also thoroughly rewarding.  And the best part is that instead of escaping reality, you are creating a new reality that is genuine, true and meant to be experienced.

Babe … eleven years ago we embarked on a new reality in our lives. We didn’t know it at the time, but it was a journey we were destined to share. And it’s been genuine and true and full of experiences to fill a lifetime. I love you. I am in love with you. I am nothing without you, and everything because of you. Happy Valenversary.

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