Season of Giving

As we all rush around picking up last minute items for Christmas, it’s easy to get lost in the to-do’s and lose sight of the holiday spirit. It’s been said time and time again that Christ is the reason for the season, and that Christmas is the season of giving.

But when you look at the eternalness of our God, not bound by time and enveloping us in His love in the past, present, and future, the ‘season’ of Christ is every day of our lives.

In reading my devotional, I came across this excerpt by Jefferson Bethke that perfectly explains how God’s love is a gift to us.

As a parent now I am starting to see things differently. One thing that I’ve noticed about it is just how much I love giving Kinsley, our daughter, gifts. Either things I’ve made, a flower from my walk home, or a big gift like on Christmas or something.

One thing that makes this so special is to see her face when she gets the gift. To see how much she loves it, makes me love giving the gift even more! It makes me light up. Imagine though if I gave Kinsley a gift, and instead of being excited she looked at me and asked how much she owed me for the gift. It’d devastate me.

I think sometimes we don’t realize that’s us every time we try to repay God. Every time we try to earn His love. No it’s freely given as a gift and we have that because of Jesus. And being joyful and thankful about that gift is what God wants from us most!

It’s always fun and exciting to get something, but it can be life affirming to give something. I hope this holiday season, you allow the spirit of giving to maintain its momentum into every day of 2016, and this includes taking time each day to stop and say, “Thank You” to the Lord for all He provides.


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