Project Devo – Conclusion

I dedicated the month of June to work on a devotional project. It had been a project that had been simmering on my to-do list for some time. My list of Bible versus through which I cycle every day was born from my participation in a growth group at my church. We were tasked to memorize a verse. For some reason I found it difficult to do so, but upon pressing myself and working hard to read it and study it, I managed to finally memorize it.

After that, I found myself being drawn to certain passages of scripture that spoke to me. I’d highlight them in my Bible, and work diligently to study and memorize them as well. When my collection grew to thirty-two versus, it dawned on my I had the contents of a one-month devotional. Throw in images borrowed from the Internet and my own POV commentary and Project Devo is now complete.

I had one more verse to share, but instead of keeping with the same format I’ve been using, I will instead share a post I wrote in 2014 that references this last – and perhaps my favorite – verse.

Many thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me during this project. I pray His words bring comfort, strength, and wisdom to you as they have to me.

It’s How You Choose To Look At Your Life

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