For My Mom

On this Mother’s Day, I want to re-post this blog from 2008 about the importance of making time to strengthen my relationship with my mom. I am proud to say in the seven years since this post, I’ve been able to grow my relationship with my mother, and appreciate even more all she’s done and continues to do for me.

Gil Gonzalez

In a perfect world, I would write everyday.  Instead, work, kids and life in general usually leaves me too tired to do anything else other than lay in bed and watch SportsCenter.  The following blog I wrote by hand while killing time during jury duty back in March.  I finally got around to transcribing it into my laptop and publishing it to my site.  I hope you enjoy.
It’s no secret I aspire to be a writer.  I guess you can say that in my own very amateur way I already am.  Still, I fantasize about one day paying the bills with the advance check from a publisher and then grumbling about yet another book signing event at Starbucks.  Until that day comes, however, I will continue to write my blogs and hone my style by reading the works of the many writers I admire and whose work I…

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2 thoughts on “For My Mom

  1. I’m with you 100%. The call to the big leagues can be long delayed. In the meantime, I think the Bible is pretty clear your missionary work with Lee, the social media help you give to the BCW group with Lee, your blogs, and the kind of people you are count for more. But I agree, the book contracts and the Starbuck’s book openings would be nice.

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