Very Good Indeed

My house feels like a continual work in progress. There’s always something that needs to get done, some project that needs to be finished. Last summer, we had the main room of the house repainted, and we still haven’t gotten around to putting up the pictures frames, etc. we took down in order to have the room painted. Like a said … a continual work in progress.


Today, however, I got a lot done to getting closer to where I want my house to be. My mother-in-law, who lives with us, downsized her bed from a double to a twin. So not only did I have to put together her new bed with bookcase headboard, I also moved her previous bed into my daughter’s room. The positive aspect is that it was definitely an upgrade for Natalie (she had been sleeping on a day bed I obtained before she was even born), but the negative was we had to clean out and rearrange her room first.

So between Daniel helping me put together the new bed (think Ikea assembly work) and Natalie getting rid of her old, little girl stuff, it was a very busy day. But it was wonderful because I go to share it all with my kids. There’s something special about having my not-so-little helpers and sharing those experiences with them. I caught myself looking at my daughter and having the realization that two short years from now I’ll be preparing for her to go off to college. I need as many of these special days as I can get, especially when you consider they live at their mother’s house and my time with them is limited at best.

So we finished all the work and went out for a well deserved dinner. Upon returning, I helped Natalie put the sheets on her new bed, and I finished moving the remaining miscellaneous items from her room. In that grouping was one item I had completely forgotten I had taken down when we had our main room painted last summer.


How appropriate that on this Good Friday, the Holy Spirit directed me to rediscovering the crucifix. I’ve been working to encapsulate my day to day in God, to start and end my day with Him. As my evening came to a close, it was a beautiful reminder of how much He loves me and the sacrifice He made for my benefit. I work and strive to give my kids everything they need, but it is all microscopic compared to what God does to provide for me.

 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”Romans 5:8 NIV

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