It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. I believe that saying is true. The problem with me is that I often choose to not put my mind to it. My diet, my exercise, my faith; I know what I need to be doing to be strong in those aspects of my life, yet I simply choose not to do those things (for the most part).

The same is true with all the small stuff in my life. Cleaning, laundry, DIY projects, time management, etc. I am smart enough and capable enough to do what needs to be done, but the monster called laziness cane be quite overbearing.

Over the past fifteen months, I’ve had success in eating well and dieting. I’ve also had success with getting into a routing at the gym. I’ve even taken on reading the entire Bible in one year. But through it all, for various reasons, I’ve let it all revert to how it used to be.

Go on vacation? Stop eating well. Busy at work? No time for the gym. Make time for God today? Try to find some time later. It seems no matter how well intentioned I may think I am, I make it so easy for myself to find a reason to not follow through. I am literally my own worse enemy.

That stops today.

Today I have kicked off me personal month of discipline. In summary, I am going to be intentional with what I eat and drink. Gone are the random snacking and grazing. I will only eat clean, healthful meals for the entirety of this month. If that means saying no to dinner invites or get togethers, then that is what it takes. Or better yet, I will come prepared with my M-O-D compliant food and ensure I am eating correctly.

Gone also is any liquid not water or juice. That’s right ….. no beer, wine, rum, coffee, beer, vodka, beer, tequila, beer, or soda. Did I mention no beer? If you know me, you know this is huge for me. However, it would not be the first time I’ve gone alcohol free for a month or longer, and I know that 70% of my flabendency (tendency to be flabby) is a result of my love of beer.

My personal month of discipline also means I will be back in the gym every morning. I loved the feeling of walking out of the gym at 6:30 AM having worked out and having the rest of the day in front of me. My alertness and energy levels were higher, and it just made for being in a better mood all around. I miss that, and I need that in order to compliment what I am doing with regards to my diet.

I also plan to publish to my blog every day this month. Be it a 600 word post, an inspirational image, or a silly video from YouTube, I know I have something to share every day, and the only reason I don’t is because I don’t make the time to do so.

Most importantly in this month of discipline, however, is my relationship with God. I will begin and end every day with quiet time with Him. I want to be more in tune to what God is telling me, and I want to ensure I am responsive and obedient to His will. I’ve found it’s easy to hear God’s message. The tricky part is following through on what He’s calling us to do, and I want to be intentional in my obedience as well.

It’s all interconnected ….. mind, body, and soul. We need to be able to work on them together, and be enriched in all aspects of our lives.



So I hope you keep me in your prayers and cheer me on from afar. I know this will not be easy, but I also know it will be so very worth it.

P.S. My son’s birthday is May 1 and we’ll be celebrating at every Starbucks in the Tampa Bay area that day. (I’m so going to miss the coffee).


“No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11 (NIV)

4 thoughts on “Intentional

  1. Perfect Scripture to a post we all needed to read. Some days we allow our best of intentions to simply disappear from out “Oh, I so want to accomplish all this” list. I’ll pray for you and you can do the same for me : -))

  2. Thank you, CJ, As Day 2 is coming to a close, I can say it’s not been without its challenges. Still, as we celebrate this Holy Week, it’s great to put into perspective the fact nothing I do or give up will ever come close to what Jesus did for me. But I do so knowing it will help me be a little more like Him.

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