In His Time

Five years ago last month, Lee and I moved into our current home. The result of us moving from one rental situation to another came after our friend Melissa read my blog post about the ordeal we had earlier in the year in trying to buy a house. She picked up the phone, called Lee, and asked, “What would it take for you guys to get into our house?” We immediately got out of our existing lease and into a rent-to-purchase agreement with our friends. Literally, as they were moving out, we were moving in.
In all the time we spent visiting Andy and Melissa at their home in the Cross Creek community in Tampa, Lee and I would drive home and fantasize out loud to each other, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could buy their house one day? If only we could afford to make that happen.”
Today was that day. It only took five years and a series of small miracles, but it’s a continued testament that God’s timing is perfect. He set us on a path to home ownership following a series of frustrating mishaps, disappointments, and our fair share of tears.
Our experience is simply a continued reminder: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” – Philippians 4:6

4 thoughts on “In His Time

    1. Very belated thanks on your comment, Deb. We are excited to transition from renting to buying, and we hope the value we experience with having equity will allow us to transition to the next stage of our faith journey in five years.

  1. Congratulations on your new dwelling place…isn’t it wonderful how we see everything through the lens of “Look what the Lord has done” once we’ve embraced our relationship with God? My dear friend Phyllis Belcher had the most beautiful monogrammed piece of fabric in her home (about 8′ wide and 12″ high). In large blue letters on white fabric, it read “His Name is established in this house,” and it hung high on the wall above the double doors to their den. May God’s peace cover your household, Gil & Lee. Happy New Year!

    1. Belated thank you for the comment, Cheryl. Lee and I do feel God’s blessing with the house and His presence in it. The wonderful thing is it’s felt like home from the day we moved in, and now we get to build on that feeling knowing it’s been granted to us through Him.

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