Negative, Ghostrider

My love of fighter jets can be chronicled to the early days of my youth. I remember spending weekends with my brother and my cousins putting together model airplanes. We has a system: one would be the painter, the other the dis-assembler/sorter (you know, separate the parts from the┬áplastic frame thingy to which they were all attached), and one the precision gluer. Once we were done, we’d inevitably let them not dry long enough, play with them, and wonder why they kept falling to pieces. It was also through these model planes that I learned burning plastic not good and can be very, very painful (but I digress).

Blue Angels

You can say my love for jets and my desire to be fly them was solidified in 1986 with the release of the movie Top Gun. I was mesmerized. I remember when the movie came out on VHS – to the kids reading this, VHS is what we had before DVD’s – and I watched it six times in one day. I recently introduced my kids to the movie Top Gun, and they did not find my ability to recite every line of dialog to be amusing. It’s a lost art if you ask me.

Top Gun

So an eye injury in eight grade that made me lose my 20/20 vision and thus disqualify me from ever being able to pilot one of these glorious machines aside, I still remain fascinated by the power, speed, and beauty of military aircraft.

I will say, however, this fascination does come with limits. As is evident from the video below, there’s awesome and then there’s crazy. Perhaps the both are not mutually exclusive, but if you’re looking for a adrenaline inducing way to relieve your constipation, here’s one:


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