Great survey by my friend Courtney. Hope you all take a moment to complete it.

The Other Courtney

It’s no secret that social media has changed the way we interact with one another. Being the sociology/psychology lover I am, I’m very interested in the way it shapes, changes, and influences our personal relationships, and how it affects us emotionally. It’s amazing to think that there are currently kids, yes, actual human beings, who have never experienced life without social media. Can you imagine? I am sure glad there was no social media to document my terrible choices in high school. But maybe it’s not as big of a deal as I presume it to be? Maybe kids are more careful with what they do and what they post because they understand how quickly things can spread when your whole school is connected online.


It seems that everybody has a Facebook these days, even my 80-year old grandmother has one! That’s right, Memow, you’re pretty rad. Whether I’m ordering lunch at a…

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One thought on “Facebook Survey

  1. Thanks for sharing, Gil! I’m already getting such great feedback and insight on the survey, can’t wait to go through more results later. Loving what people are sharing!

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