Don’t let the words go unsaid. Every day is a blessing, and every moment should be appreciated.


IMG_0468While washing my car today, I noticed the imprint of the sticker that had been on my rear window. You might have one of these on your car and I’m sure you have seen them. It is the sticker with the college logo with the word Dad underneath. Or Mom!

The sticker has long been removed, yet the imprint is still there.


I wasn’t always a good Dad for my girls. I didn’t always set a good example and I wish with all my heart, I could go back and do those days over.

Thankfully, as I matured as a person and walked closer with God, I began to change. The quality of our time began to improve.

Now, we don’t let a phone call end without telling one another, I love you. Now, we don’t end a visit without a hug and saying, I love you.



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