*bleep* that *bleep*

Coward is a strong word. I don’t like that word. I don’t like the negativity it conveys. That being said, I have no problem considering myself as cautiously predisposed.

Although I like roller-coasters, I wouldn’t call myself a thrill seeker. I’ve ‘jumped‘ out of an airplane and it was the most thrilling experience of my life. One that I am sure I will never, ever do again. I stand at the GoPro dislay at Best Buy and I am mesmerized by the videos of people skiing and kayaking and mountain biking and jumping things that if they were to mess up even in the slightest would mean almost certain thanks. I watch those videos knowing that will never be me.

And then there’s the really crazy stuff, like this video of French freediver Guillaume Nery. To say this is crazy is an understatement. To say this is incredible cool despite the insanity is spot on. I don’t know what drives people to do things like this, and deep down inside I don’t want to know. What I do know is that I can’t stop staring in awe when I see feats of human accomplishment and endurance like this one. It makes my tailbone tingle and simply blows my mind.

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