Clean and Lean

Today officially marks the end of the 28-day, Fast Metabolism Diet program Lee and I began back on January 6. As a matter of convenient clarification, I ended my program sometime yesterday afternoon. Let me explain.

Our goal, as we undertook the commitment to this new diet, was to lose weight. We were both tired of being too flabby around the edges and just sluggish every day. We bought the book, bought the cookbook, planned our meals, and, for the most part, managed to eat on schedule and eat what we prepared. Yes, there were some afternoons we’d forget to snack, and yes, there were sometimes when that, “eat every three to four hours” stretched to four and a half to five. Nevertheless, we completed the 28 days (27.5 for me) with resounding success. My wife dropped 12 pounds and 2 sizes (we’ve already been shopping for new clothes for her). I dropped 21.5 pounds, and I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt this good in terms of having a continuous ‘bounce in my step’.

Still, all the planning in the world could not prevent us from having our program end on Super Bowl Sunday. Yikes! What were we going to do?

My wife didn’t care. She made sure to tell our friends hosting the Super Bowl party to not include us in their meal planning since we were going to bring our own food. Then she spent all of Saturday and part of Sunday preparing FMD compliant snacks, treats, veggie trays, and dinner (vegetable meatballs) for us to consume. For the record, everyone at the party raved about Lee’s non-dairy ranch dip. It was amazing.

With the exception of two mushroom and cherry mini-quiches (they were prepared by our friend Jason who is a chef, and they were spectacularly divine), and my four-pack of gluten free beer (I had to have some brew for the big game and I figured gluten-free would be a happy medium), I stayed on plan during the party. I thought I would just cave and revert back to my pre-FMD ways for the party (especially with the beer), but I did not want to risk feeling like absolute crap in the morning. I also didn’t want to have a huge setback after twenty seven and a half days of culinary discipline.

The thing is, I’m done with eating poorly. This FMD experience has been a ‘proof in the proverbial pudding’ trial that has lent tons of weight (pun intended) to what so many of my friends have been telling me for years: It’s about eating clean. The feelings of sluggishness and lethargy are gone. The afternoon headaches are gone. The episodes of having my stomach feel upside down are gone. I feel better, stronger, and more agile than I have in the past decade. The weight loss is just a bonus on top of the more healthy feeling and appearance I’m displaying.

The best example I can give is this. My mother-in-law Patsy, who lives with us, has also been participating in the FMD. In addition to the dietary changes, she also gave up her Coca Cola and smoking (all at the same time and all cold turkey). She, too, has lost 12 pounds. More importantly, her well being is noticeably better. We had a bit of a cold front pass through here in Florida, and Patsy mentioned how her arthritis would normally flare up with the cold weather. It didn’t this time around, and there’s no doubt in my mind it’s because of the change in diet and her improved nutrition.

Haylie Pomroy’s Fast Metabolism Diet has been a life changer for us, and we look forward to staying the course with regards to clean eating. Yes, we will introduce some items back into our diet, and we may not necessarily eat phase-specific,  but we are committed to not going back to processed foods, fast food restaurants, and impulse buys at the checkout counter. Those days are behind us, and it’s cleaner and leaner on the road ahead. A road, I like to think, that’s been made a little bit longer as a result of this lifestyle change.

Happy eating, everyone.

Nancy Peterson

12 thoughts on “Clean and Lean

  1. Fantastic, I did it back in May last year lost 23 lbs, felt great, Hubby started in July,, to this day he as lost33 , we are both feeling better, We both lost our jobs so we are not totally doing FMD but trying to stick with it the best we can , money wise,,, My daughter is getting our of the Air Force this week and coming home, she is going to help us and herself get back on track from day 1, Yes it is a better way of eating and making you feel better, Great Job

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, Angelika. It is true FMD and eating clean in general is not a frugal experience, but I also believe that it will help prevent conditions and symptoms down the road that can be equally as costly. Wishing your daughter a wonderful homecoming, and please thank her on our part for her service to our country.

  2. OUTSTANDING Gil! You and Lee did such a great job on the program!!!! The hardest thing for me was the “no caffeine” — but after getting over the headaches I felt wonderful! I didn’t do as well during the Super Bowl — ugh. Felt absolutely terrible today (Monday) as my system wasn’t used to the processed foods I overloaded on. Time for me to start another 28 days cycle 🙂

    1. Thanks, Mark. Oh, how I miss my Starbucks. I will need to do some research (now that I am in maintenance mode) to see what I can consume at Sbux. I will be switching to decaf. Just need to know if they have almond milk and all-natural sweeteners. Thanks also for the note about your Super Bowl experience. I was a little ‘unsettled’ Monday morning, and I think it was b/c of the beer.

      1. Gil, S-bucks has Soy but to my knowledge no Almond Milk. As for natural sweeteners like Stevia or Truvia, not to my knowledge.

        What I will add is no matter what research has been done on caffeine, the only thing they can pin on it in terms of health, is that it stimulates a desire to eat. Other than that, there is far too much research showing the health benefits of coffee in terms of antioxidants and impact on many parts of the internal goods. Been there…done that…detoxed now four times. Still enjoy my three cups a day. Continue my juice regime and watching what goes in.

        This by the way is no plug for S-bucks and their coffee.

  3. Uh…did I forget to say “Smash-up Job!” You two have every reason to feel good. Glad you made the effort and are the beneficiaries of the results.

    1. Thank you so much, Alan. We’re so very glad we undertook the diet plan as well, and we’re both so excited to keep moving in a healthful direction.

      As for the coffee, I don’t want to misrepresent Haylie Pomroy and suggest she says coffee is bad. The diet calls for a restriction of many foods (no sugar, no potatoes, no alcohol, and yes, no caffeine). The reason being is that the goal is to maximize the efficiency of the liver in the processing of the foods, and caffeine will impede that. I will say this: I her book, Haylie does say that no one is born with a caffeine deficiency. From that perspective, you can infer that we’re better off being naturally alert and awake as a result of healthful foods and proper sleeping habits. That being said, it’s not always that easy (especially when someone decides to schedule a conference call right after lunchtime).

      I love the coffee experience, but I have found that in not having it for 28 days, I really can do without it.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, John, and I am thrilled that our experiences can inspire others to make positive changes in their lifestyles. I would not have undertaken FMD if not for the support and inspiration of those around me.

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