Early To Bed

I love my mobile phone. It’s one of those things I just can’t do without. It’s my calendar, it’s my task manager, it’s my music player and photo album. It’s my way to stay connected with friends. It’s my personal library. It’s the tool I use to do my banking and read the news. Oh yeah, it’s my phone, too.

My Samsung S III is great. Big display and long battery life. Quite the opposite of my first 4G phone, the Samsung Charge. It seemed that I would take it off the charger and within an hour, the battery was almost completely depleted.  It sucked.

It really does suck when you plan to have your phone for a night out and it’s dead. It becomes an impediment on your plans. The same was true with my internal battery this evening. After working a little late at the office, I high-tailed it to pick up my son to take him to soccer practice, then home for dinner.

That’s when it happened. I had less than one bar of energy left in my battery. It wasn’t even 9:00 PM. Time to call it a night.

So with yawns and squinted vision, I post this and bid the Interwebs a good evening.

3 thoughts on “Early To Bed

    1. Thanks, Rebecca. I like the slim size of the product. Lee and I both have portable chargers now, both by NewTrent. Not nearly as slick, but I can complete 2-3 full chargers with my NewTrent. I keep mine in my murse (yes, I have a murse ….. although I refer to it as my portable writing studio).

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