The Lighthouse

I was filling out a survey today, and I was asked for my demographic information. I was asked to place a checkmark in the box for the range in which my age fell. It was the second to last of five boxes. The thought that ran through my head: “Oh crap I’m getting old!”

With that came an avalanche of other thoughts, all of them having to do with the fact that time continues to press forward no matter how much I want it all to slow down. This includes the continued maturation of my daughter, and the corresponding realization that in less than four years she will be off to college.

I am sure all parents go through those moments of anxious panic at the idea that your little loved ones will soon leave the proverbial nest to live their own lives, and like me, I am sure no parent is ever really ready for their departure.

As much as I have confidence in the young adult my daughter has grown up to be, I still have to pause when I allow myself to think of everything that’s out there in that big, bad world of ours. Yet I know what I must do is place it all in God’s hands and be an undeniable truth in the life of my daughter.

I need to make sure she knows that no matter where she goes or what she decides or who she grows up to be, my love for her will never diminish. I need to make sure she holds as a positive certainty the fact she can always count on me.

With that, I give you the poem that was born out of this moment of panic.


In the darkness of your unexplored world stands a lighthouse

Less remarkable with each passing year

Weathered … beaten down by the crashing waves and the salt spray

It’s shone it’s light bright for you

From your very first voyage, a casual perusal in the harbor

To your treks of discovery, each one taking you further and further from port

Now, as you prepare to escape the confines of the bay

And explore the vastness of the mysterious yet exciting seas

Your lighthouse remains prepared

Diligent … Steadfast …. Anxious

What storms may come? What weather may weigh down your sails?

Your course is uncharted, each direction a new opportunity

Each decision a tightrope walk between failure and success

Yet through it all, your compass remains true

A constant unmoved by the chaos that is ready to attack at a moment’s notice

Through it all, your lighthouse shines bright to help guide you through the unknown

To help you see when you cannot

To warn you of the danger that lies ahead

And to greet you with open arms as you find your way back home



7 thoughts on “The Lighthouse

  1. It’s comforting to know that the lighthouse, within us, lights our way into the unknown charted course. This is great, Gil. I’d like for you to share this in our writers group newsletter. Our editor will love it.

  2. Love this post and the poem! Wow – would love to hear this read aloud at our BCW meeting. I have been thinking about your love for your daughter since the last post because I have those concerns and that love for two granddaughters, 17 and 19. I’d like to recommend a book that the two of you might read together – When Dreams Come True by Eric and Leslie Ludy. They take turns writing their brief chapters so you get the male & female perspective. Parents play a crucial role in the story, too.

    1. Thank you so much, CJ. Every day is a new adventure with my kids, and they seem to be growing up just a little faster with each passing day. Sometimes I feel as if I’m simply grasping at air in an attempt to keep them from growing.

    1. Thank you, Rick, and what an excellent way to view your girls, as their own beacons of light and love. True. If there’s one thing I hope to accomplish as a father is to ensure I leave the world with two new lighthouses that will shed His light on all they do.

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