My Story In Six Little Words

I was introduced to the concept of Six Word Memoirs last Fall at a writers conference. I instantly became a fan. I think it’s amazing how people can be so smart, cool, funny, clever, and so incredibly deep with only six words.  In fact, a blogger friend of mine, Marion Driessen, actually invites bloggers to participate in her Six Word Story Challenge (you should really give it a try). I think Six Word Memoirs are actually more fun and challenging than composing the perfect tweet that says everything it needs to and still fits under the 140 character limit.

As I was killing time one afternoon during jury duty, I decided to see if I could tell my life story with a series of Six Word Memoirs. Yes, it is basically cheating against the original premise, but it was a lot of fun to put together.

Catholic kid learns to trust implicitly
Success is formulaic: College, career, life
Married high school sweetheart. All set.
Reality plus experience equals new perspective
Passion left unattended fades into afterthought
Exchanged right path for selfish infatuation
Set free by a woman’s fear
Lesson:  Life is in the lyrics
Be willing to change your mind
Found lover, wife, partner, best friend
Lived. Failed. Learned. Reborn. Started over.
God takes the broken; makes anew
Living in God’s grace is beautiful
My life summary? To be continued ..

Shamless plug
Shamless plug

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