Oxygen Masks

Here is an excellent post by my good friend Regina Verow. It’s a great reminder of how we news to ensure that on our list of priorities, we save some room for ourselves.

Creatively Conscious

AirplaneWhen was the last time you were on an airplane? What was the most notable experience about the ride?  If you can’t think of something immediately, then, lucky for you it was actually a pretty non-eventful trip.  (I’m a pretty anxious flyer so my response to this every time would be “I noticed we didn’t plummet to the ground in a fiery crash.” But I digress…)

Have you ever noticed how few people pay attention to the flight attendants’ pre-flight safety talk? We’re too busy texting the last messages before we have to turn the phone off, or talking to our seatmates. or flipping through the Skymall catalog to see what random but totally awesome items they’ve come up with in the current issue. I try to listen to the flight attendants each time, not because I don’t know the speech by heart. Mostly it’s because I want them to…

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