179/365 Coolest Kid Around

So, summer is awesome …. when you’re a kid. No school, get to sleep in late, no worries. As a parent, it’s a mixed bag. I love that my kids don’t have to deal with homework and assignments. That they can hang out by the pool all day sleep in past noon.

However, with my daughter off at soccer camp for the week and the weather not so great because of tropical storm Debby, Daniel’s been relegated to a lot of ‘inside’ activities (i.e. lots of Minecraft and PS3). Since I work from home, that’s not a bad thing. He stays out of my hair and is fairly self sufficient. But as I realize he’s spent the vast majority of the day in front of a screen – much like his dad – I feel like he’s missing out on his summer.

Not to worry. He’s got a two-week camp of his own and a week-long vacation in North Carolina coming up. But on days like this, when he doesn’t complain about being inside all day, I can’t help but think of exactly how cool a little man he is.


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