155/365 Family Sunday

There are times when things just work out and come together.

I’ve mentioned before how my ex and I do not maintain a regular schedule with regards to our kids. We really do play-it-by-ear on an almost daily basis, and today it was wonderful t have the kids with me all day.

The kids slept over Saturday night which meant they accompanied us to church in the morning. I love when they come with us because I take pride in providing a spiritual influence in their lives. Following church, we ate lunch together at Ruby Tuesday’s and followed that up with taking in a movie. It was quality time in which we were able to be together and make new memories together.

Where I would normally coordinate with my kids’ mom to either drop them off or have her come pick them up (they spend school night at their mother’s house due to the logistics/proximity of school), things worked out this evening where they got to stay the rest of the night.

So on this rare Sunday night where the kids are with me, it’s great to walk into the living room to see Natalie, Daniel, and Lee watching the MTV Music Awards: Natalie swooning over Josh Hutcherson, Lee swooning over Chris Hemsworth, and Daniel indifferent to everything except the iPod in his hand.


2 thoughts on “155/365 Family Sunday

  1. I like the play by ear, no structure , whatever is fun Sunday time with family. Most of the memorable times comes as a surprise. Spontaineity can bring a sense of excitement and adventure. Great post.

    1. Thank you so very much. Indeed, sometimes just going with the flow is the perfect recipes for an amazing experience, especially with the kids. Thank you for reading and for the feedback.

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