151/365 Date Night

Groupon, Living Social, Google Offers …. I’m on all their mail lists, and from time to time I like to take advantage of the deals they have to offer.

Back in February, I jumped on this deal for $50 of dining at a Malio’s, a steakhouse in downtown Tampa, for $25. We never got around to making reservations until I remember last week that I still had that coupon. So tonight, we ate steak …. 44 ounces to be exact.

The food was okay and the service was decent, but in terms of an overall dining experience, Malio’s goes on the ‘Not A Repeater’ list.


2 thoughts on “151/365 Date Night

  1. Thanks for the review, Gil. Did you post in Yelp as well? I always check Yelp now before going to a new place! Have a great week. Mark

    1. Thanks, Mark. No, I didn’t add anything to Yelp. I usually reserve Yelp for places I either really, really love or for the super-negative experiences I just have to share with everyone.

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