138-146/365 Time Lapse

Before you say anything … yes, I am cheating.

The last eight days have gone by like a blur, and I feel horrible that I didn’t make the time to document part of each day in my photo blog. So rather that go and create back-dated posts for each day, I decided to document the week that was in this one entry.

May 17

The highlight of the day was the end-of-season dinner for my son’s basketball team. Although the season ended on a sour note (we lost by two in the opening round of the playoffs), it was a fun year. i am very happy to have shared yet another season with my son as his coach, but I am afraid it will be my last (at least for now).

In most of Daniel’s sporting experiences at WCAA, I’ve been involved in coaching him in some shape, way, or form. As he continues to get older and develop as an athlete and young man, I think it’s beneficial for him to be exposed to different coaching styles and methods. He needs to not be the coach’s kid, and he needs to be able to flourish on his own. I don’t know what’s next for him in terms of sports endeavors, but whatever it is, I know he won’t have a bigger fan than the one he has in me.

Here’s Danny with his participation trophy for the season.

May 18

My buddy was in town and he was crashing at our friend Diego’s house. The three of us we got together for drinks and lots of catching up. Larry was my motorcycle riding partner before he moved to South Florida several years ago, and it’s always a good time when we’re able to get together.

Food, friendship, and frosty brews. Not bad for an old-man Friday night.

May 19

The kids were off with their mom and we had nothing on the schedule. So Lee and I took advantage of the time to tackle much needed yard and house work. As always, we weren’t able to get to everything on the list, but we did make a big dent in the never-ending collection of things that need to get done.

May 20

In an exercise of  sheer lack of common sense, the parents of my daughter’s soccer team decided to take on the girls in a parents vs. players game.

Following an exhausting 5 minutes, I needed 10 gallons of Gatorade and a lung transplant. But I persevered by allowing 2 goals in 2 minutes.

Yeah … we got our tails kicked (at least I did), but it was an amazing good time.

May 21

Lee and I don’t make it a habit of going out on a school night, but our friends Son of a Bad Man were in town to perform, and we really wanted to be there to support them. They put on a great show as always, and it was really great to share the music-filled night with so many of my friends that were there.

May 22


After a long day of work (there’s this work project that’s been kicking my butt for the last several months), it was time to unwind for a little bit with some Miami Heat basketball. The best part? Not the win … but rather, having Lee next to me during the game. Of course, she was there only so she could see her baby daddy Dwyane Wade.

May 23

I’ve mentioned before how wonderful it is to be a part of Relevant Church, and our spiritual experience has been amplified by how much we’ve been able to participate with our church community. We were so blessed to have been asked to lead a growth group on Wednesday night. It allowed us to meet new people in our church and also learn more about our faith. Did I mention the key word is ‘growth’?

May 24

Monster work day. Yeah, it was one of those days, up until 2:00 AM trying to get some work items wrapped up.

May 25

After a long and super-busy week, one in which I did not see my kids at all, it was another busy work day that concluded with Lee and me piling our gear into the truck and trekking over to Orlando for Natalie’s soccer tournament this weekend. So it was really great to get to our hotel room, unwind, and share some quality family time with the (not so) little ones.

It’s moments like these that make me smile.

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