132/365 Friday Funday

I was supposed to get some tasks done – both work related and personal – Friday evening. However, after having picked up my kids and taking them to dinner, we came home and they both surprised me.

“Daddy, can we ride our bikes?”

I honestly wasn’t expecting this, and with the weather being as nice as it was, I figured, “Why not?”

I love riding bikes with my kids. It always brings me back to when they were much younger and we were still transitioning into normalcy following my splitting up from their mom. For me, riding bikes with my kids is a trip to my ‘happy place’, and I know I am quickly getting closer to the time when riding bikes with my kids will be a thing of the pass.

We filled the tires with air (it had been a while since we had ridden), and off we went. Around the block and through the neighborhood. We stopped at the park and enjoyed some plain ‘ol silly time. It’s memories I will cherish for as long as I live, and an opportunity I will seize every time, regardless of what’s on my To-Do list.


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