105/365 12 Hour Day

8:00 AM : Out the door

8:25 AM : Arrive at WCAA complex and help set up courts for basketball games

9:00 AM : Danny’s basketball game

10:15 AM: Pack up chairs, gear, etc.

10:30 AM : Grab a bite, run a quick errand, fill up the truck

11:45 AM : Arrive at Brandon soccer facility for game 1 of Natalie’s soccer tournament

1:00 PM : Natalie’s soccer game

2:30 PM : Grab another bite in between games

4:00 PM : Return to soccer facility for game 2 of Natalie’s tournament

5:00 PM : Natalie’s soccer game

6:30 PM : Pack up chairs, cooler, gear, etc.

6:45 PM : Arrive at friend’s house to deliver some furniture (we’d been lugging it around in the back of my truck all day)

7:30 PM : Get in the car to head home

7:50 PM : Stop by drive thru to pick up some shakes as a sweet-treat to end the day.

8:00 PM : Pull into the driveway. Another typical Saturday in the books.



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