102/365 Wednesday Workspace

On Wednesdays I tutor at Booker T. Washington Elementary in Tampa. It’s part of an outreach program put together by Relevant Church. Although the program has been in place for a couple of years now, this is my first year being a part of it.

What kept me from being involved before was a matter of logistics. Living in New Tampa and working in Temple Terrace, there was no way I could get down to the Ybor ditrict of Tampa on my lunch break, work with a student for an hour, and get back to work within a reasonable time frame. I would have to take half the day off if I tried to do that.

But God has His way of providing a solution, and the happy medium to my logistical issue was to have me work from my church on Wednesdays. The church is only 5 minutes from the school, and since I have the capability of telecommuting with my current job, working from my church is really no different than working from home (except I can’t hang around all day in my PJ’s at church).

So come hump day, I give up my cozy office chair for a bar stool and large counter top. And when I think of my kid at BTW and how his face lights up when he sees me, it’s all totally worth it.

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