093/365 More Brave Than I

I didn’t start riding roller-coasters until I was a legal adult. There’s no way around it. I was a full-on _____ when it came to those rides.

So as much as I love roller-coasters now, you can begin to imagine how proud I am of my 10 year old son for summoning up his little-man courage and taking on what had been one of his greatest fears.

We spent the first day of his spring break vacation at Busch Gardens, and he made the decision he was going to ride The Scorpion roller-coaster. This was the first non-kid roller coaster he’d ride that had a loop. (I guess you can say Space Mountain is a roller-coaster, but no loops on that ride).

I could hear his heart pounding as we stood in line, and we tried to keep him distracted with silly conversation while we waited. Still, when we sat down and the safety bar locked over our respective thighs, you could see the look of raw fear on his face. You could almost hear him scream inside hi head, “I want to get off!”

But he hung in there.  The ride finished and he let out a clumsy half-laugh, half-sigh of sheer relief. It was over. He had conquered not only the ride, but also that fear of the unknown that had been a grown-up roller-coaster.

Given the fact I can remember as a 10 year-old myself watching my brother ride that same coaster and feeling my legs get weak at the idea of riding it, I was so very proud of Daniel and his accomplishment. Not that it’s a difficult thing to do, but I can say my son is more brave as a 10 year-old than I ever was. And as a dad, that’s a pretty awesome feeling.


The day got even better as Daniel worked up the nerve to ride Busch Gardens’ newest coaster Cheetah Hunt. I have to admit, it’s a GREAT ride and lots of fun. Danny loved it so much he wanted to go again, but technical difficulties with the ride prevented us from doing so. I’m just glad we know which ride we’ll be hitting up first the next time we go to Busch Gardens.


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