082/365 The Coal Miner’s Daughter

So I totally thought I was onto a cleverly original idea in preparation to go see The Hunger Games at midnight.

“I’ll post on my blog that I’m in love with a coal miner’s daughter,” I told my wife. She agreed it was a brilliant idea.

Brilliant as it may be, turns out it’s not an original idea given you can buy a ‘Coal miner’s Daughter’ shirt (or mouse pad) on Zazzle.com


2 thoughts on “082/365 The Coal Miner’s Daughter

  1. Jimm said we should be going w you tonight! He is hooked now and I think he feels better just knowing you love it too!

    1. Thanks, Gina. So many people want to say it’s for kids (young adults), or that it’s for girls, or it’s the new Twilight.

      Bull-bleep, bull-bleep, bull-bleep. This is going to be the next Star Wars with a huge, broad audience and an incredibly diverse following. Please tell Jimm I don’t just love it, I’m obsessed with the trilogy. …and Katniss for that matter.

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