054/365 Thank You

If you know my story, then you know I began writing/blogging in 2004 as a form of therapy to deal with what was going on in my life at that time. Over the years my writing has evolved from therapy to hobby to where it is now, a foundation (hopefully) for a possible new career direction.

It is very analogous to golf. When you start out, there’s a lot of bad. I mean .. a LOT of bad. But, every now and then you hit that awesome shot that just feels perfect and keeps you coming back for more. In writing, specifically blogging, I find that every now and then I publish something that resonates with people, and I get so much positive feedback that it makes me want to burst. It’s humbling and rewarding and makes all those hours of writing, reading, and revising worth it.

I don’t ever plan to monetize my personal blog. This is me being me and humbly sharing with you. However, I do keep an eye on the traffic to my site, because like that perfect shot in golf, it’s a pretty good indicator of how I am doing as a writer. More specifically, it’s a testament to you, the reader, being willing to tell your friends about a post I have written. It’s a spectacular feeling and one that never grows old.

So given the wonderful feedback I received about my post this afternoon about domestic violence, all I can say to you all is … Thank You!

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