048/365 Payback

Three summers ago, Lee and I traveled to Cancun for our wedding. It was a dream scenario. Just the two of us exchanging vows on the soft, white sand of the Mayan Riviera.

The year before I had proposed to Lee as we wrapped up a two-week vacation that took us to Costa Rica and Mexico. Now we were returning to Palace Resorts for an experience of a lifetime.

We always travel with a lot of ‘stuff’, and with our fair share of the overhead compartment taken, our travel camera bag was under the seat in front of me. Overly anxious to get our vacation underway, I walked off the plane without our camera bag. When I say “off the plane”, I mean barely out the plane door onto the ramp to get to the terminal. As I realized I left the bag, I sprinted back onto the plane only to find the bag gone. Just like that, our digital SLR and our point-and-click were gone.

The fiasco of eyeballing everyone at baggage claim and dealing with American Airlines aside, we managed to pick up a new point-and-click at a Wal-Mart in Cancun (it was just like being at home).

Flash forward to tonight, the evening when my annual bonus from work came in, and Lee calling me to tell my she was on her way to the photography specialty store to pick up our her new Canon 60D DSLR. Not to mention the super-awesome lens she wanted (Tamron 18-275mm) arrived two days earlier. Like our camera bag three summers ago, a chunk of my bonus was just gone.

Payback, as they say, is ……

2 thoughts on “048/365 Payback

    1. Not that we’re the type to take ‘unique’ photos, but for the next day we were freaking out about what pics, if any, were on the memory cards of those cameras (mostly with regards to my kids, etc.) Next time we travel with the new camera, I will be handcuffing my wrist to the bag. 😀

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