042/365 Twisted Mister

I have a saying. “If I can do it, it’s not art.” After tonight, I may have to re-think that a little bit.

This evening, Lee and I attended a session at Painting With a Twist, a studio where you can come in and the instructor steps you through creating a painting. Lee had a previous experience with Painting With A Twist, and she was really eager to do it with me, especially since the painting we did was called “Colors of Music.” So rather than us go out to dinner for our Valenversary (Lee and I met on Feb. 15, 2005), we decided instead to celebrate by signing up for this Painting With A Twist session.

I have to say that I’ve never really painted on a canvas before (actually, never painted before at all), and I was excitedly anxious to give this a try. The direction from our instructor was excellent, and although the pace can be a little quick, the overall experience was fun and supportive. It also helps you can bring your own beverages, including the adult kind, and consume them in the studio as you paint.

Although it’s no Van Gogh, I am really happy with the finished product, and I am looking forward to hanging it up in my closet office. I am sure Lee and I will be back to Painting With A Twist someday soon.


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