041/365 My Inspiration

I normally wait until the end of the day to post my daily photoblog. After all, it’s supposed to serve as a pseudo-diary for what I did today. Today, however, I need to make an exception because I don’t think anything else that happens later will be more awesome than this.

As you may know, Lee and I, along with our dear friend Lindsey, have an ongoing writing project called Random Writers. The genesis of the project was something we could do to write with greater frequency and to use our words and ideas to positively impact the world. Keep in mind, Lee has only been writing/blogging since January 2011, and she was terrified at first of the idea of keeping a blog.

I told her that if her words, stories, and voice could positively impact just one person then it would all be worth it. Well, here is a comment she received this morning on her most recent blog post.

“Thanks for inspiring me to be a better version of myself by lighting the path ahead of me.”

I am continued to be blown away by how revealingly honest and pure my wife’s voice is when she writes. She will tell you I am the writer in the family. I will tell you she is the difference maker, both in my life and the lives of others.

It’s great to wake up every morning next to my muse.


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