033/365 A New Chapter

Natalie played in her first middle school soccer game today. Well …. rode the bench. Still, it was an interesting experience for me given that all her previous soccer games were part of either a recreational league or her current competitive soccer program.

Still, I am proud of all she’s accomplished as a player and a young woman, and I look forward to being in the stands for every one of her middle school games this season.

Congratulations, BTW, to the John Long Middle School Lady Longhorns on their 1-0 victory this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “033/365 A New Chapter

  1. Very awesome that your district has girls and boys middle school soccer! Lake County has co-Ed teams because there aren’t enough girls who come out to generate enough full teams…but the program only started about six years ago, so there is hope! -a

  2. Thanks for the comment, April. We’re very fortunate to have so many girls try out for the school teams, although I do have to disclose JLMS is the largest middle school in Pasco County (so it makes it easier to field the teams). I will keep my fingers crossed the program in Lake County continues to grow.

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