030/365 You Gotta’ Give To Live

I never really followed Sammy Hagar’s solo career until he became the lead singer of Van Halen. One of my favorite Hagar songs is “Give to Live,” and I was thinking about it as I visited Florida Blood Services today to donate blood. Sammy’s song kept playing in my head with some modified lyrics. “You gotta’ give (so that others may) live.”

I credit my mom with educating my about the importance of blood donation. To her, donating blood was almost a civic duty. I used to go regularly, but recent travels slammed the breaks on my ability to donate. I’ve been to Cancun, Costa Maya and Cozumel about once or twice a year over the past three years, and it seems one, if not all, of those cities was on the list of destinations that would automatically disqualify you as a donor.

It turns out my last blood donation was in August of 2008, and with my visit today I reached the 4 gallon mark. That’s pretty mind-blowing when you think about it.

I took Daniel with me today to introduce him to the process, and much to my surprise, he was very cool with it. I hope that in five and a half years, he make blood donation part of his regular routine.

I donate blood because I like how this type of giving makes me feel. I also know the importance of blood banks and how lives are saved every day because of blood transfusions, etc. So if you’re reading this post, and you put up with the rants and ramblings that I write, then I can assure you a little prick in the arm much more tolerable than the big prick whose blog you’re reading. 🙂

6 thoughts on “030/365 You Gotta’ Give To Live

  1. Agreed! I am a regular blood donor. Luckily both my previous school and now my current one have regular blood drives, so it’s super easy for my to donate regularly! 🙂

  2. Excellent, Gil! For those of us that cannot give blood (as well as for those who can!), I want to offer up another option to give of yourself so that others may live – the National Bone Marrow Registry is always seeking more registered donors. Registering is as simple as swabbing a Q-tip on the inside of your cheek and answering a few easy questions.

    You could be the match that saves someone’s life.

  3. I did the marrow registry years ago in college and I’ve always been happy that I am part of it. My church runs regular blood drives and I love it because they always set me up with the same appointment so it takes all the hassle out of remembering when I can donate, finding time to show up, etc. I remember a teacher of mine had donated over 100 pints in his lifetime and that made such an impression on me. Thanks GIl for posting about this!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Regina. It’s great that you donate and that you can do so with ease at your church. As for your 100 pint teacher … all I can say is WOW! I believe that equates to 12.5 gallons. Now THAT’S a lot of blood.

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