013/365 A Minecraft Success Wrapped in Failure

My 10 year-old son Daniel is quite the Minecraft junkie. He’ll spend hours playing if I let him.

Lately, he’s been obsessed with installing a new mod called The Aether. It’s basically some files that allow you to play a different ‘level’ within the Minecraft world. Daniel took to YouTube and even some Minecraft forums to figure out how to get the Aether mod to work.

Long story short, it wasn’t working. We followed the instructions step by step, and at the end of an hour and a half, nothing. “Let’s start over from scratch,” he said. I REALLY didn’t want to start over from scratch, but the disappointment in his face and the tears welling up in his eyes made me let out a big sigh and say okay.

We deleted all the files and started over.

When it came time to launch the game, we both jumped out of our chairs, arms extended as if our favorite team had scored a touchdown, both of us shouting, “YES!” We got the Aether to work!

…or so we thought.

Once Daniel selected the option to proceed with the game, all we saw was a black screen. Nothing. We waited and waited and waited and then we got some more of the nothing. Now I, too, was deflated and with tears beginning to well up in my eyes.

I looked at him and then at my watch. I had not realized how late it had gotten.

“Dude, we tried. I don’t know why the game’s not running, but we did well to get this far.” And with that, I bailed.

Last I checked he was re-scouring the YouTubes to see if he can figure out the answer. So if any of you happen to know any Minecraft gurus that can help us out, please be sure to direct them my way.

13 thoughts on “013/365 A Minecraft Success Wrapped in Failure

  1. From my 12 year old minecrafting son ……

    Make sure you have deleted the META-INF file and that should fix the black screen problem and it may need modloader i dont know but just check if it does

    I hope this helps.

    1. Thank you so much, Vixytwix. We did include those steps in our efforts, and I will be sure to write about it should we find success in this little ‘Quest to the Aether’.

  2. 0)Get a CLEAN (new) Minecraft.jar

    1) Use MCPatcher, for some reason some APIs glitch without it being used FIRST.
    2) delete META-INF
    3) Install the APIs in the CORRECT ORDER, shown on the OFFICIAL Aether Mod MineCraft Forum page.
    3.5) Make sure your installing the MOST UP TO DATE API.
    3.7) DO NOT, Copy any of the ‘README’ or similar files into Minecraft.jar
    4) Run minecraft after each API is installed, so it can create the necessary files correctly.
    5) NOW install The Aether Mod

    1. ok first i need your phone number then i’ll help you im alexander martinez’s son so i’ll help your son the best i could and those tears will be living in someone else’s body ok so please right back as soon as possible.

    2. Thanks for the information. We’ll be sure to give that a try.
      Does MCPatcher allow me to go from the current 1.0.0 to 1.7.3 (which, if I understand correctly, is the version I need to be on in order to run the Aether mods)?

  3. I’ll need your number too help your son and i’ll tell u the rest from there. oh and I’m Alexander Martinez’s son.

      1. Hey Gil may I have your sons phone number or yours I would like us to get together! πŸ˜€
        ~Love Alexander Ashton Martinez Jr.

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