006/365 Friday Night Lites

After really horrendous traffic put a damper on our plans for the evening (Lee got home too late for us to make it on time for the event we’d planned on attending), we decided to just have a nice, quit evening by ourselves. We ran down the street to a local Italian restaurant for a bite to eat, then came home an indulged a little.

I had a cigar from New Year’s Eve that had gone un-smoked as well as a specialty beer in my fridge I’d been meaning to try. So I broke out both of them, and Lee grabbed a tumbler … glass of wine, and we sat on our lanai and just talked. Is there anything better than having a wonderful conversation with your best friend?

6 thoughts on “006/365 Friday Night Lites

    1. I think I prefer the spontaneous, *bleep* it, “let’s go out to dinner” nights, but I’m happy we had a chance to reset what’s been going on in your work life. I love you.

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