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It’s ironic I recently wrote about heroes given I am writing this week about giving thanks. The idea for my post this week comes from a song written by one of my personal heroes, a man by the name of Ken Block. Ken is the front-man for the band Sister Hazel, and he’s also released a solo album called ‘Drift’. That album contains one of my favorite songs ever, and the theme of that song is what’s driving me to write this entry.

As we come upon Thanksgiving week, I am overwhelmed by all for which I am thankful. The list really does seem endless, and I am so blessed to have the life I do. Still, Thanksgiving will come and go, the tryptophan will make me miss most of the Dolphins game, and my scale will not be happy with me come the following Monday morning (can you say leftovers?). However, be it Thanksgiving week or any of the other fifty-one weeks in the year, there is one thing for which I am constantly and steadfastly grateful. My kids.

Ken Block wrote a song about his son named Chance. It’s a beautiful and moving tribute that paints the portrait of a parent’s love for his child. It makes us wonder how we, as parents, can be so fortunate to be gifted with the blessing of children.

Here is the chorus to the song ‘Chance’:

Chance, what are the chances
That you’d look down from the sky
And choose me to be your own?

Chance, what are the chances
Thank you’d sacrifice your wings
To become flesh and bone for me?

I am so thankful my kids – Natalie and Daniel – looked down from Heaven and chose me to be their dad. There’s something amazing and wonderful about getting to live life again through the eyes and experiences of your kids. Words can’t explain it. I am so grateful, as well as humbled, to have been given the chance to direct these two wonderful children through the first part of their life journey.

I’ve written before that to me, parenting is my vocation. I feel it’s what I was put on this earth to do. I am so privileged to have two beautiful human beings to serve as the vessel of that vocation.

This Thanksgiving season, I invite you to take a moment to give gratitude to that for which you’re thankful. Send someone a note. Give someone a call. Take a picture and share it with someone you love. Every ounce of gratitude counts.

If you’re inclined to do so, I’d also like to invite you to share your gratitude with the world. Join us at Epic Thanks and tell the world for what it is you’re thankful.

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2 thoughts on “My Gratitude Blog

  1. U are an awesome father! Ur kids are lucky to have u as well!
    Let me just say that u are an awesome mentor/friend to kids as well. Lane thinks the world of u and loves to be around u. It’s because u “took time to care” and u were interested in him.
    Enjoy the holiday!
    Much love!

    1. Thank you so much, Gina. Lane is a great kid and he’s really cool to be around. We also really enjoy hanging out with you and Jimm, and I hope we get to do that some more going forward.

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