Wednesday Urbana 01/52

So, in an effort to keep the creative juices flowing, and given the fact the tutoring program in which I participate brings me down to Ybor City in Tampa once a week, I’ve decided to borrow from my wife’s Wordless Wednesday idea and post a picture once a week. I plan to take the picture in urban settings – most likely in the Ybor City area – and manipulate it with one of several photo-effect applications I have on my phone. Quick, simple, and a hacky attempt to be artsy (which pretty much sums up me as a person).

So with out further adieu, I present to you my first contribution to Wednesday Urbana.

9 thoughts on “Wednesday Urbana 01/52

  1. nice 🙂

    “hackey-artsy” might just become the new avant-garde of cell-phone photography

    ps: when does the “subscribe” button get installed on this new blog 😉

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