Out of the Darkness Feet First

I guess one of the problems with undertaking a writing challenge like ours is the inadvertent covering of future topics. Tonight’s subject is “A dark or turbulent moment in your life.” Well, it goes without saying I’ve already written about that. So instead, I am going to write about a dark moment in someone else’s life.

Actually, I jest. This is more like an enlightening moment in someone else’s life.

My friend Matt has lived most of his adult life in fear. He was afraid of the unknown. He was terrified to take on this undertaking, even at the suggestion of his wife. We, his male peers, offered up words of encouragement and support, but still he stood frozen in place, his fear and dislike not allowing him to take that step forward. You see, my friend Matt had never had a pedicure.

All that changed on Friday afternoon. Truth be told, we did not have to kidnap him and take him by force to the spa. There were no tranquilizers, duct tape, and rope involved, although it would have been cool if we had to throw a sack over his head and dump him in the trunk to do so. THAT would have made for a much better story.

Nevertheless, there we were Friday afternoon, Jeff in one seat, Matt in the other, both of them with their feet in bubbling water, all the while enjoying the tranquility of the view and ambient music playing in the day spa. I was there to provide moral support and to equally mock Matt’s virgin pedi experience. “Can I get you some water with a slice of cucumber?” I’d ask him. I grabbed a book from the waiting area for him to pass the time as his wax covered feet ‘baked’. It was called ‘Girl Talk’. He was not amused. And, of course, there were also the prerequisite photos of him to be posted on Twitter and Facebook.

Yet, through it all, Matt took it, well, like a man. He enjoyed the experience, made polite conversation with the lovely ladies tending to his and Jeff’s feet, and I think he walked away with a greater sense of enlightenment. Not to mention silky smooth feet.

From a guy’s perspective, it was fun. From a grander perspective, it was cool to remove from Matt’s mind the negative stereotype of pedicures for men. It was a learning experience and it was, I think, a growing experience. And in its own weird way, it brought the three of us guys a little bit closer.

For the record, my one and only pedi experience was with my wife while we were on vacation in Mexico in 2008. We had a spa day for two, and it was fantastic. Still, I am the first to admit that calling up the fellas and saying, “Hey, how about we get together at 1:00 and all go get our feet done?” is never going to happen. I appreciate the pampering and comfort a pedicure provides, but my first experience was special because I shared it with Lee, and I want to keep it as something she and I can do together.

So back to the moral of the story. Guys, don’t knock it ‘till you try it. You never know just how bright a perceived dark moment can be. Matt, kudos to you for swallowing some of that male pride and, quite literally, dipping your feet in the water. Jeff, you continue to display just how cool you are for making this whole thing happen. And, Michelle, on behalf of Jeff, myself, and your husband …. you’re welcome.

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