Rock by the Sea and FourSquare Day

Our music has become digital, our communities virtual, and all too often our truest of priorities get pushed to the peripheral. Still, there are moments in time when we can come together as one, a group of people in the actual, and listen to some of our favorite artists while at the same time doing something good and giving back to those in need.

Rock by the Sea is one of those moments in time. From April 15 – 18, Harry A’s on St. George Island, Florida, will host this annual music festival that is dedicated to not only the celebration of music, but also the assistance of worthy charities. In addition to being an event full of performers, entertainment and sunshine that delivers an excess of fun to be had by all, Rock by the Sea is an extended weekend that focuses on hope. It is a reminder of how the power of giving can be exponential, growing from the first contribution and feeding on the generosity of many.

Speaking of exponential, there is an added twist this year to the normal abundance of smiles and camaraderie exuded by the RBTS faithful. With the introduction of FourSquare Day on April 16, Harry A’s will be also be home to an official FourSquare Swarm Party at which participants will be able to ‘check in’ and collectively earn the coveted ‘Swarm’ badge. Individuals will even be able to register for FourSquare at the venue so as to take part in the festivities.

Please visit the Rock by the Sea website for more information about the event. In addition, we invite you to learn more about some of the charities that are the beneficiaries of RBTS’s hard work and generosity. Those charities include:

Finally, please follow these links if you’re interested in learning more about FourSquare and FourSquare Day.

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