It’s Called MANicure for a Reason

I was wrong.  I was so flat out wrong.  All those times rolling my eyes and letting out sighs at the thought of money frivolously spent.   All those moments when I thought to myself what a complete waste of time.  All those instances when I opined it to be an absolute non-necessity in life.  Month after month, time after time, spent dollar after spent dollar.  I just didn’t get it.  It simply did not make sense to me.  Did I mention how wrong I was?

And what, exactly, is the egregious offense to which I refer?  As much as it pains me to admit it, I am referring to a day at the spa.  While on vacation at the Aventura Spa Resort in Cancun, I caved and allowed myself to take advantage of the free manicure, pedicure and massage that was included with our reservation.  For that matter, I cannot even claim I spent a full day at the spa.  From what my girlfriend Lee explained to me, my mani-pedi-massage experience was more of a spa sampler than anything else. Still, what an absolutely amazing experience.

I know I write this at the risk of having my man card revoked.  I also know that as my male friends read this, those individuals who collectively make up my close circle known as ‘the fellas’, they will hold this over my head and never allow me to live it down.  Still, I do so in a completely relaxed state of mind and body and with an absolutely fabulous set of nails.

It all began when Lee and I began planning our wonderful, two-week getaway.  Following a week of fun and adventure in Costa Rica, we scheduled a week at the all-inclusive Palace Aventura Spa resort in Cancun, Mexico.  It’s called the Aventura Spa for a reason.  In addition to the many other amenities at this resort, the spa itself is beautiful, enormous and an adventure just to get out of.  I literally got lost as I was allowed to tour the men’s locker room area of the spa.  It must be about 1500 square feet of cherry wood lockers, maple benches, steam rooms, whirlpools, lounge area ….. and that’s just the upstairs part of it.

My spa experience began with a 25 minute back massage.  I’ve had a massage before, but this experience made my first time at a masseuse seem like little-league by comparison.  I have no idea how the lady assigned to me did it, but she moved her arms and hands across my back in manners I did not know were possible.  It was coordinated and fluid and incredibly relaxing.  At one point I let out a deep sigh of relief.  She asked if she was hurting me.  I said quite the contrary because it felt too good.  My 25 minutes passed by in what seemed like only 5, and when it was all said and done I was barely able to get up from the table.

After a brief break, Lee and I proceeded to the salon for our respective manicures and pedicures.  I had no idea what to expect, but the service was friendly and comforting and I easily allowed myself to get into the spirit of the experience. Lee and I sat across from each other as my technician began working on my feet.  I couldn’t keep track of everything she did, but I know there was scrubbing, rubbing, filing and soaking involved. The heated massage chair didn’t suck either.  Once complete, we proceeded over to the manicure tables where I got to soak my fingers alla old Palmolive commercials and watch my technician work on my cuticles, file my nails and finish everything with a coat of clear polish. Looking at them now, they’re still spectacular.

Perhaps I crossed over some metro-sexual barrier today.  Perhaps I allowed myself to get in touch with my feminine side.  Perhaps I simply took great advantage of the “all-inclusive” part of this resort and had one too many at the bar.  Either way, I am glad to look back at today’s spa treatment and smile knowing I shared this new experience with Lee.  The macho side of me – or what’s left of it at least – wants to stand up and say it was a one time thing that I’ll never do again.  Still, I think I may just have to schedule an appointment once Lee and I get back to Florida.  After all, my nails won’t stay glossy forever.


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