2008 Costa Rica / Mexico Trip

June 14, 2008
So there we were, wrapping up the end of our two week vacation.  Week one in Costa Rica, week two on the Mayan Riviera.  We had scheduled a romantic, couple’s massage to culminate our week with pure relaxation and a special memory.  As our session came to an end, the attendants excused themselves from the room so we could get changed.
I held Lee’s robe for her as we discussed how wonderful the massage – and the whole vacation itself – was.
“Thanks for sharing this experience with me” she said.
“Thank you for making this vacation possible” I told her.  “It’s been amazing.  However, I have one thing to ask you.”
“What’s that?”
Still standing behind her, I leaned into her ear.  “Reach into your robe pocket.”  As her hand found it’s way into the pocket of her robe, she felt the small box that had been hiding there for her.  “Will you marry me?”
Lee turned, struggling to catch her breath and doing a terrible job at fighting back the tears.  “YES!!!!!!!” she said.  “Yes, yes, yes!!!!”

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