A Preview of Things to Come

When I was in high school, my dream was to make movie trailers.  Talk about a great job.  Sit around all day, take a movie and compress it into 30 seconds so that people will want to go see it.  Not just want to go see it, but HAVE to go see it.  I think we’ve all been there, sitting in our comfy theater seats or even our sofas at home and seeing a movie trailer that brings a tear to our eye and makes us say, “I’m SOOO seeing that.”

So I’m sitting here on my comfy sofa with the TV on in the background as I go through e-mail and IM’s and ponder what I want to do for lunch.  Then comes the trailer for a movie called Martian Child.  It starts out typically enough with soft music and a montage of scenes and the characters providing voice over.  It caught my attention and I sat back and watched.  What happened over the next 30 seconds just captivated me.

Long story short, the premise of the movie is a man who takes in an eccentric, little kid who thinks he’s from Mars. In addition to the fact the movie co-stars Amanda Peet (hubba, hubba), the movie looks like it will be an emotional ride that will make you cry and smile and cry some more. What grabbed my attention was a line in the trailer. “I don’t want to bring another kid into this world, but how do you argue against loving one that’s already here?”  This got me to thinking about how there are so many kids out there who don’t experience all the joys and pleasures of childhood because they are either in foster care, or they’re in a family environment that simply doesn’t foster love for them.

I’ve written over and over of how fortunate and blessed my life is.  I know this good fortune spills over into the lives of my kids, and I thank God that He has allowed me to provide for Natalie and Daniel in the way I capable of providing.  We had a cook out yesterday, and in addition to our friends coming over, we had 11 kids running around, playing in the pool and around the house, and just having a great time.  There was laughter and giggles and moments when an adult would turn to the kids and ask them to keep it down.  After all, isn’t that what being a child is all about?

I watched the trailer over and over – one of the many glories of a DVR – and just absorbed what I think is the intended message of the movie.  “There’s no harm in being a little eccentric.”  The trailer cut to the little boy hanging upside down from a rail as John Cusak indifferently reads his newspaper.  Flash back to yesterday and a houseful of kids who are, after all, little individuals waiting to blossom into the adults they are destined to become.  There were tomboys and princesses, coy little kids and explosive extroverts, and I think about how they are all special and beautiful and eccentric in their own way.

I think about my two children and the little characters they are.  I think about how they provide me with a daily, emotional ride that brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye.  I think about how watching them as kids is a preview of the grown ups they will eventually become.  I think again about how lucky I am to have them in my life, and how much I love being abel to see them on a daily basis.  Sitting around cutting film and making trailers may be a dream job.  Running around, acting silly and being a dad, however, is living the dream.


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