What a Blast

Having just written about making plans and seeing them through fruition, it’s with a sense of irony that I write this entry.  However, I am giddy with the anticipation of retelling the story of my ‘date night’ with Lee.

Initially, the plan was to go out on Thursday night, have dinner and catch a movie.  There are so many good flicks out there right now, and I can’t remember the last time Lee and I saw a movie in the theaters (I think it was Clerks II and we just bought it on DVD …. so it’s been a while).

So Lee gets home from work with that big “I want something” grin on her face.

“Did you know there’s a shuttle launch tonight?”


“Wouldn’t it be cool to see a night time lauch?”

“Of course it would.  You wanna’ go?”

<startled pause and pleasant surprise smile>  “Ummmm….. yeah!!”

“Let’s do it.  Let’s go.”

So off we went to the other side of the state in hopes of watching the space shuttle take off and light up the Florida night.  Of course, it wasn’t until we had mapped out a route, calculated driving time and actually got on the interstate that Lee told me there was only a 40% chance of launch due to weather.

“You know my motto” I told her.  I shrugged my shoulders, flashed her a smile and said, “F it!!!! We’re still going.” And off we went.  It was so exciting thinking about the possibility of a night launch.  It was so engaging having conversations about so many things.  From sports to current events to what happened that day at work.  From weekend plans to next year’s plans to planning where we were going to eat later that night.  Even when I goofed and took us 50 miles out of the way, it was still fun and amazing.

I look back and think about how alive I felt to be so spontaneous.  I thought about how exhilarating it was to not be 100% sure of where we were going and what we were going to do once we go there.  I pondered how the old me would be freaking out and exerting so much energy in to trying to figure out all the details and finding answers to questions that didn’t yet exist.  I smiled at the knowledge that because of Lee I have changed for the better, into the guy that can appreciate the fun and joy that sometimes comes with uncertainty.

We were taking a risk and it was amazing.  We didn’t know what was going to happen, but we did it anyways.  And Thursday night was a microcosm of what my relationship with Lee is.  I didn’t have all the answers, there were several risk factors when Lee and I got together (as there are in EVERY relationship), and there was a possibility our relationship could get ‘scrubbed’ for whatever reason.  Nevertheless, we dove in because we felt it within out hearts and we believed that no matter the adversity we would overcome it together.

As it turns out, the shuttle launch was cancelled due to weather concerns.  Granted, the countdown did get down to 30 seconds before it was scrubbed, but I have no complaints.  The safety and well-being of the shuttle crew should always be of top importance.  Besides, I got to share this wonderful adventure with my Lee, and it was an adventure that no voyage into outer space can ever top.


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