Looking Back and Planning Ahead

It’s hard to believe that people make a living planning parties.  From the logistics of a site to the invitation list to food and refreshments, there is a lot of work involved in throwing a party.  Throw in the dynamic of guests coming in from out of town and little extras like gift exchanges and ice breaker games, and the workload just gets bigger and bigger.

Last Saturday, Lee and I hosted a holiday party for about 30 of our closest friends.  Lee and I may have been the hosts, but all the credit for the planning and executing of the event goes to Lee.  Had it been left to me, there would have been tons of beer, a couple of sodas, chicken wings and a bunch of bored women watching men watch football.  As it turns out, the party was a huge success.  From the decorations to the food to the drinks to the gift exchange to the “Guess the Guest” game; it was all made possible by Lee’s desire, drive and determination.

I am sure I made my ‘behind-the-scenes’ contributions.  After all, it was MY cooler that was used to keep the beer cold.  But I can’t stop raving at how incredible a job Lee did with regards to the party.  Given how all the guests have come back and been nothing but complimentary about the fiesta and how great a time they had, it is clear not only to me that Lee did a spectacular job.

As a result, I sit here and think about how cool a girlfriend Lee is.  I smile at the thought of how generous a person she is.  I shed a happy tear at knowing how beautiful a woman, both visually and spiritually, she is.   The result of all this pondering leaves me in awe at how fortunate I am to be with someone like her.

I am less than 16 days away from the anniversary of an event that literally changed my life.  It was an event that made me question everything I knew, doubt everything I believed, and shook me to the core.  For me, it was my rock bottom moment.
Yet at the same time, it was the beginning of a new life for me.  It was a revitalizing moment that opened my eyes and cleared my head…..and my heart.  And as I look back on the past year, with all its wonderful moments and amazing memories, it is a moment I thank God happened.

So now I am gearing up for an event-filled December with more parties, holiday celebrations, road trips, basketball games and a certain someone’s birthday.  December blends into January that has in store an awesome cruise, more road trips, and college football bowl games (which translates into football viewing parties).

It’s apparent that whether it’s planning a party or a month full of events, there are good times to be had in the ultimate execution of these plans.  But sometimes it’s the unexpected moments – the unplanned events – that really make a difference.  I still maintain that everything happens for a reason.  From the good to the bad, whether we understand it or not, everything we experience in life is part of God’s master plan.  In a little over 2 weeks it will have been one year since I thought my world ended.  In a little over 2 weeks it will have been one year since my new, wonderful, and amazing life began!

Special thanks to Shannon Hallman and Catherine Arms for all your help with the party.  You two are wonderful and you both totally RAWK!


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