I’ve been getting some grief, mostly from myself, about not writing as often as I used to.  In analyzing my slowdown, I have determined that tortured souls need the outlet of writing more than happy souls do.  In that context, I am blessed to say that life has been good to me as of late, and there is no doubt in my mind this sense of ‘life is good’ can be primarily attributed to my renewed faith in God.

Life has also been very good every since I decided to let go of a certain part of my life and remind myself that I, and no one else, am in control of my happiness and my well being.  I have been more assertive in making sure that I am active in my life and my happiness, and not a passive passenger on my life’s journey.   In this aspect, I have to give all the thanks to my girlfriend Lee for being patient with me as I figured this out and being supportive of me once I did.

So in the spirit of things positive – and in the interest of keeping the length of this entry readable – I’d like to recap the last four days of my life.  These days have been fun, celebratory, spiritually fulfilling, and at times exhausting.  But just like that really cool Beck’s ad, if you only live for the weekend, you’re missing out on 5/7 of your life.

Please click here to go to my Recap page.


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