It’s so easy to get lost in the every day.  To forget about all the wonderful things in our lives, and take for granted even the smallest of circumstances.  And it usually takes something major or tragic to remind us of all these little things that all too easily slip into the recesses of our minds.

The fact that I have not been writing as often is an indication of how much better my life is compared to this time last year.  I think that for most of 2005, I was a tortured soul looking for an outlet.  That outlet just happened to be my blog.  But since the beginning of the year, I have managed to turn things around personally and shed, for the most part, the pains of what weighed me down last year.

Nevertheless, I still managed to find things over which to complain.  Having to deal with moving.  Feeling stagnated at work.  Getting turned down for a new job.  I guess with all of us, there is always something we can’t point at and say, “Don’t get me started!”  But as is always the case with me, something came along and slapped me upside the head to remind me that I really don’t have anything about which to complain.

On Friday, April 7, Maggie Dixon died as a result of a heart arrhythmia.  Who was Maggie Dixon?  She was the 28 year-old women’s basketball coach at Army.  She led the Black Knights to their first ever NCAA appearance, and had what appeared to be a brilliant career ahead of her.  Did you catch the part where she was only 28?

I just got back from Miami this evening.  It was a wonderful trip with Lee and the kids, and we all had a great time.  We went to my brother’s house for dinner and my kids got to spend time with their cousins.  Lenny and I broke away from dinner, as we usually do, for our 15 minute heart-to-heart, get-all-caught-up moment.  Earlier in the week, my brother was hospitalized overnight following a severe migraine that left him partially and temporarily paralyzed on one side of his body.  He told me about how the episode has him re-evaluating everything in his life, and the slightest head pain sends him into panic.

I am sure all of us can go on and on about things in our lives that aren’t fair or just plain suck.  We can each come up with a laundry list of things we’d like to change, from bosses to commutes to coworkers to that guy in the supermarket deli with the weird look in his eye.  <I don’t want him anywhere NEAR my sandwich>.  But upon being reminded of how quickly it can all go away, all I am left with is a laundry list of Thank You’s to God.

I thank God for my health.  Not everyone has the opportunity to jump out of bed every morning.  I do.
I thank God for my mom.  Whether over the phone or in person, I know she loves me no matter what.
I thank God for my friends.  They entertain me, counsel me, and support me.  I never feel alone because I am so loved.
I thank God for my family.  They provide the same benefits as my friends do, only multiplied by a thousand.
I thank God for Alexandra.  The mother of my children and the person most responsible for the beautiful and loving kids that I have.
Speaking of, I thank God for Natalie and Daniel.  To say they are the reason I live doesn’t even begin to describe my feelings for them.
I thank God for the weather in Florida, for allowing us to travel to Miami and back safely, for my peers at St. Mark’s Youth Group, and for all the other things that I can’t possibly mention in this entry.
Last but not least, I thank God for Lee.  My Angel.  My inspiration.  My saving grace.  It’s not often we get second chances in life.  Oh, I thank God for that, too!


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