One of the reasons I don’t have HBO is because with having to make a rent payment, a car payment, a motorcycle payment, and, oh yeah, a little thing called child support, disposable income is really at a premium.  I also have to get to sleep at some point, and when I had HBO before, I used to average only 4 hours of sleep a night.

But if I were to get HBO again, it would be for the sole purpose of watching ‘Entourage’.  It is really a cool show, and the writing sounds like someone recorded a lunchtime conversation between me and my fellas. So I’m watching Entourage tonight and trying to figure out which one of my boys maps to the characters on the show.  There’s not an exact, one-to-one correlation, but I will apologize upfront and take a stab at it anyways.

Eric is a blend of Scottie and Mikey.  Think Scottie’s calm and self sense of suave mixed with Mikey’s cool wit and ….. ahem … height. Larry is the most like Turtle.  For some reason, I see a NY Knicks Jersey with a backward ball cap and I think Puerto Rican.   I am proud to say that none of my friends are like Johnny Drama.  I don’t think I could handle someone like that for more than 2 seconds.  And without a doubt, Chuckles IS Ari.  WHHHAAAAAATTTTT?

“So that makes you who?” Lee asked me in a not-so-subtle manner.  Now, I’m not saying that I am the “star” of the bunch, but your ARE reading my blog right now!  Maybe I am being a bit delusional, but if I were filthy rich and famous, I like to think I would hook up my boys the way Vince does his.  I love the idea of living large and having my fellas there every step of the way.  “Hi, this is Scott.  He’s my professional acquaintance.”

I do have to admit that I am feeling a bit like a celebrity tonight.  Truth be told, I feel like a celebrity every time I am with Lee.  Must be all the attention she pays me.  Must be how she tells me she believes in me.  Must be how I am taking her to Miami for the weekend in the morning and she’s as giddy as a school girl.  I am trying not to gush right now, but it really is hard to hold back when I am with her.

At times, it’s like we get lost in each others’ glance.  There can be a million people in the room and it’s as if we’re the only two people there.  The connection we share is real and honest.  Sometimes brutally honest, but that’s what makes it so great.  And for as much as she gushes over me and make me feel like Vince the movie star, she keeps me honest and grounded in everything I do.  She’s my biggest fan and my coach at the same time.  She’s the equal partner and majority owner.  Her feelings for me are unreal, yet at the same time more real than anything I have ever experienced.

So am I the Vince of the group?  Well, maybe when I’m flashing my killer smile.  But what I do know is that when I am with Lee, she makes me feel invincible!


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