Greetings from Krypton!

Greetings, everyone, and thank you for visiting my new blog on

Given this is my first entry, I thought it might be prudent to provide some background information on me.  Think of this as an icebreaker, if you will, so we can get to know each other a little better.  Although since you are the one doing the reading, I guess there really is no way for me to get to know you, but you get my drift.

First of all, please don’t be fooled or put off by the URL to this page.  I in no way do I make any claims of being a super dad.  Spectacular maybe, but no super.  In all seriousness, though, the URL name came from a discussion I once had with my girlfriend about how my kids sometimes see me as a superhero, expecting me to know and be able to do everything.  That comes with a lot of pressure, and what’s terrible is that half the time I feel like I am just winging it.  As an adult, it’s easy to look back and see the flaws my parents had and the mistakes they made when I was growing up.  However, when I recollect through the eyes of my childhood, I remember being in awe of their ability to just get things done.  As a result, the image of the Superman ‘S’ is a constant reminder of my responsibility to my kids.

You probably picked up on the fact I said girlfriend and not wife.  That’s because I am no longer married.  I thought about making the theme of my blog entries the trials and tribulations of being a single dad, but truth be told that would be very misleading.  Even though my wife and I split up, neither one of us are really single parents.  Well, perhaps from the POV of profiles we are, but the both of us maintain a good, cordial and cooperative relationship.  Whatever differences we have or frustrations we hold, those get put aside for the benefit and well being of our children.  My kids live with her but I see them every day.  I think it’s a fairly unique situation, and I am blessed to have the opportunities that I do with my kids.

So instead, my goal is to write about being a dad. Not a single dad.  Not a Hispanic dad.  Not a working dad.  Just a dad.  I hope that in capturing my thoughts, observations, frustrations, fears, challenges, mistakes, lessons learned, disasters avoided, etc. I get to help myself in this vocation that is being a father.  If I am very lucky, maybe I can help someone else along the way.  Someone who finds if not strength then familiarity with what I write.  If not, at least this blog gives me something to do every evening .

I hope you enjoy the postings, and I invite you to let me know what you think.  Of course, if you feel my entries are worthy enough, I would appreciate you telling your friends about this site, too.

Thank you!


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