Happy Birthday to Me

I don’t know where exactly to start this blog entry.  I was thinking of making a reference to my dad and his self effacing dislike of his own birthday.  I was thinking of making analogous commentary of the two really good movies I saw this weekend (Glory Road and The Girl in the Café).  Instead, I think I will go with a recap of what a wonderful birthday weekend this was for me.

It started with sleeping in on Friday morning.  And when I say morning, I mean ALL morning.  I guess it’s easy to stay in bed until noon when the weather outside is cold and wet, you have nothing really pressing to do in the A.M., and, oh yeah, you have someone wonderful and warm lying next to you in bed.  I’m sorry, was that sharing too much?

Anyways, Lee and I finally decided to get a move on the day and make our way to Orlando where we had a great, albeit uncomfortably filling dinner at the House of Blues.  This was the appetizer to the main course that was watching Sister Hazel in concert.   Yes, I know, we see them all the time.  At least, so it seams.  Truth be told, it was the fifth time since August that we caught them in concert, and they just get better every time.  And we’re going to see them again in Ft. Myers next weekend <grin>.  Just call us full fledged Hazelnuts!

But the best part of the concert was not standing right in front of Drew Copeland (Lee’s favorite in the band), or feeling like we were the only two people in the House of Blues when they sang ‘In the Moment’.  Instead, it was when Ken Block, while addressing the crowd as he usually does between songs, included me in the group of birthday shout-outs he did.  How phenomenally AWESOME is that?!?!?!?!?! OMG!!!!!  It is one of thee most amazing birthday gifts I have ever received, and just like my blog for New Year’s Eve, details surrounding other presents will be made available in the Director’s Cut entry <smirk>.

We slept in again on Saturday.  When we finally decided to crawl out of bed, we made our way to Fantasia Gardens to play some miniature golf.  I thought I was going to get crushed when Lee made a hole-in-one on the first hole, but as the saying goes, it ‘aint over until the dancing hippo sings.  We followed the putt-putt with lunch at the ESPN Club at Disney’s Boardwalk.  And even though the weather was still cold and a bit gloomy, the day was just great.  It wasn’t because we ate at the world’s best sports bar, where we got to see both Alabama and Miami win their respective basketball games btw.  It wasn’t because I crushed  .… umm …. I mean gracefully defeated Lee by 6 strokes.  It was because it was our day to do with it whatever we wanted.  No timelines, no external pressures, nothing we HAD to do.  The day, like the prospect of our future together, was ours for the making.

We wrapped up the weekend by sharing time with my kids on Sunday, watching the Super Bowl with friends, and taking Monday – my actual birthday – off.  Special mention needs to be made that my niece, Sara Isabel Gonzalez, was born on my birthday.  She was expected on February 22, but being the spectacular little girl she is obviously destined to be, she decided to have the absolute best birthday date possible.  February 6 just became a lot more special!

I look at my blog entry from this day last year.  I was busy getting down on myself and throwing a pity party because life hadn’t quite turned out as expected.  I have learned in these last 365 days that life rarely turns out the way we draw it up in our minds or in our hearts.  I look at where I am today and know that I have NO idea where I will be this time next year.  I have plans, goals and ambitions.  I have a direction I want to follow.  A path I want to take.  But I can’t tell you with any certainty what will happen …… and I am perfectly fine with that.

God’s will is what it is, and I have no delusion of being in control of His determination for me.  All I know is that God has blessed me with my two beautiful children.  He has blessed me with a loving mother who still sends me birthday cards with checks in them.  And this past weekend, He graced me with the most amazing birthday weekend I have had as an adult.  A weekend that was made possible by the angel He sent my way.  An angel that is willing to bend over backwards for my happiness and well being.  An angel together with whom I envision making more plans, taking more trips, experiencing more concerts, and sharing a future.

I am so amazingly fortunate and truly blessed.  Yes indeed……Happy Birthday to me!

Lee, you made this weekend what it was.  You make everything we do together special, wonderful and amazing.  You are honest, deep and pure.  Like I have told you many times before, you are unlike any woman I have ever met.  Thank you for loving me the way you do.  I love you, too!


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